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Wave Create Texture Taffy


Key Product Benefits

Forms and molds waves without any sticky or stiff side effects
Super-pliable formula spreads easily and dries to a matte finish
Great for shorter hair to add texture and mold style.
Delicate curls need styling products that glide easily through hair without causing unnecessary pulling or tugging, and that are also water-soluble and free of heavy ingredients (waxes, oils and silicones) that leave behind a residue that can build up and weigh down style

Wave Create is a flexible styling taffy just for curls that creates long-lasting waves and touchable, tousled texture without any residue or build-up. This super-pliable styler can be easily and evenly worked through curls for maximum definition. A vitamin and mineral-rich Marine complex nourishes and softens curls while styling.
For use on damp hair. Scoop out a nickel-size dollop of texture taffy (start with a little and add more if necessary). Rub hands to warm and spread, then use palms to cup ends of hair, moving in a quick, upward motion to scrunch and encourage wave formation. Do not run the Taffy through hair. Continue throughout hair until texture is created and no cream is visible on ends. Let hair dry naturally or immediately set style with a diffuser. 3.4 oz